Pushpa Review: The Movie That Will Inspire You to Become the Champion of Your Own Destiny.

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Pushpa Review is a movie about Pushpa, the daughter of a mountain farmer, who overcomes obstacles to become the first woman in her family to graduate from high school.

The movie is based on the true story of Pushpa Basnet who has an incredible spirit and unfaltering determination. She refuses to accept poverty as her lot in life and instead strives for education so she can help others. Her efforts are rewarded when she graduates with top honors at 19 years old, becoming the first woman in her village to do so.

Pushpbasnetreturns home to teach at the local community school where she inspires children with her own story of how anyone can achieve their dreams if they just have faith in themselves and work hard.

Pushpa Review

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Pushpa Review Movie 2022:

Pushpa is an inspirational true story about a woman who overcomes incredible obstacles and achieves her goals.

The difficulties of being a girl in Nepal

In the Nepalese culture, girls are not given the same opportunities as boys.

Pushpa’s story is a powerful reminder that people can come from anywhere and achieve their dreams. Girls in Nepal face many challenges. They may struggle with health issues, be forced to find work at a young age, or lack basic education.

Girls in Nepal also have to contend with extreme poverty, which means they might not have access to food or clean water.

In addition to these problems, gender-based violence has been an issue for girls in Nepal for decades. In fact, a quarter of all women in Nepal experience violence from an intimate partner during their lifetime. This includes beatings and rape. Sadly, it’s common for men to see violence against women as a way to control them and keep them dependent on the man financially and socially.

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Pushpa’s story and her motivations

In Pushpa’s village, she is the only woman who has ever graduated from high school. She then returns to her own village to teach younger children and inspires them with her story.

But Pushpa’s life of hardship doesn’t end there. Poverty forces her into early marriage and a degrading job as a maid in Kathmandu. Eventually, she suffers a debilitating stroke that leaves her paralyzed on one side of her body.

Pushpa Review is taken to a rehabilitation center in Kathmandu where she learns how to walk again and slowly regains some of the use of her arm. After visiting the hospital, donors from all over the world contribute more than US$100,000 to build a hospital in Pushpabasnet’s home village so they can share their experience and expertise with others.

The importance of education

Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Basnet’s story is a phenomenal example of how education can change lives. She believed in education and was willing to do everything it took to make her dreams come true.

As Basnet says, “education unlocks doors.”

By educating themselves, people like Pushpa Basnet are able to find success and opportunity.

This movie is about one woman’s determination and shows how doing what you love with a good education will give you every chance for success in life.



With the world’s attention focused on the recent Nepal earthquake, people may be wondering how they can best help. But there are many people in Nepal who need support in their daily lives, not just in rebuilding their homes.

One such person is Pushpa, a 17-year-old girl who was born in Kathmandu but now lives with her sister in Pokhara. Pushpa’s story is one of resilience and bravery, one that will inspire you to become the champion of your own destiny.

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